British Policy of Appeasement at the Beginning of World War Two

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British Policy of Appeasement at the Beginning of World War Two The First World War was the beginning of a new era in fighting. Weapons and fighting technique had drastically changed, making war much more dangerous. With the predictions for the new weapons including poisonous gas and bigger bombs, Great Britain was very much afraid for its citizens, especially men and women of fighting age. The country wished to avoid war at any cost. The choices of Neville Chamberlain and The Parliament favoring appeasement affected the decisions of other European leaders, such as French Premier Daladier, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, and Winston Churchill, and those choices helped Britain enter the war. Many believe that with the Treaty of…show more content…
Later that year, Italy and Germany both supported the revolutionaries of Spain. France had a policy of nonintervention and Britain had forbidden the sale of arms to either side. Even when the Spanish government fell, because of the inability to buy arms, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain tried to recreate a friendship with Italy. Chamberlain was also interested in a general settlement that would include Germany. His beliefs were that Germany had been treated unfairly and self-determination should be allowed for countries wanting to reunite with Germany.3 Chamberlain was for appeasement at any cost. Avoiding war was most important to him. He wanted to make Germany happy and avoid war; unfortunately, he misjudged Hitler. He believed that Hitler only wanted to rebuild Germany and so because of his previous mentioned sympathies he believed he was working with Hitler to reconnect Germany. But instead he was working to create more tensions and anger through out Britain and Europe as is shown in the next paragraph. The next move by Germany was in September of 1938, when Hitler demanded that the Sudetenland be returned to Germany based on self-determination. The Sudetenland had been annexed to Czechoslovakia by at the Paris Peace Conference when the country had been

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