Essay on British Pregnancy and Condoms

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The number of pregnancies across England and Wales, conceptions compared with 896,466 in 2009. An increase of this group with the exception of women aged under twenty. The teenage pregnancy rate in England and Wales has reached its lowest level since 1969,men and women of these countries hold a similar opinion, “ Family may also be valued more highly during to be out of work, they may have more time to spend on a child due to financial concerns cause by recession.” According to most of Britain apparently young women choose to look at sister to sister relationships as an influential impact because sisters generally spend more time together than with school mates or other friends and are therefore likely to be influenced by the…show more content…
‘We have got the social aspect of young girls in the U.K seeing having a baby as a route to getting their own place.” Before 1999, The United KIngdom government policy on teenage pregnancy has been described as being based more on some true some not moral judgements than on evidence. However, in June 1999 the government presented its report on teenage pregnancy based on the most comprehensive review to date if evidence on risk factors and recommending the development of a national strategy, much of the United KIngdom government’s 1999 report on teenage pregnancy was necessity based on rather old or even non-longitudinal research. Even though some people want to help the pregnant women some of the other U.K. the rest of the people that live there beg to differ. It is not difficult to get or use contraceptives be that the pill or a condom, you can even get them free! Education does not do enough to decrease the appeal and government, councils do too much make it easier for them. When people are struggling to get out for 40-50 hours a week. The goal of its teenage pregnancy strategy is to have under 18- conception rate by 2010. “Teenage pregnancies are rising; so are drunkenness, sexual offences and crimes of sadism.” Adolescent pregnancy occurs in all societies but the level of teenage pregnancy and childbearing varies from country to country. The level of adolescent pregnancy varies by a factor of

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