British Satellite Broadcasting: the Beginning of the End

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Entrepreneur Research Paper Adriel McBride DeVry University December 17, 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 3 Abstract 3 History behind BSB 4 Reasons for Failure 5 Analysis…show more content…
So it kind of boils down to customer satisfaction, which is always a big part of a business success. When BSB couldn’t make good on their promise it reflected badly on the company and made their consumers wonder if they were really up for the challenge. For example take a gamer that is anxiously waiting for a new Xbox game console to come out and is schedule for release in May but is pushed back to August, a lot of loyal customers will be let down and possibly turn to PlayStation which new console came out when vowed. They may not lose a lot of of customers but it could cause a ripple effect for the ones that did chose to get a PlayStation instead. That is what happened with BSB, they had satisfied customers when they finally launched but not enough to keep them in business. Another thing that caused them to fail was not having the sufficient operating funds. The owners didn’t estimate how much money they would need to accomplish what they set out to do. It is always important to know how much money your business will necessitate, that includes the starting cost and staying a business. That was not well executed when the owners of BSB started the company which was a major cause of why it failed. Too much money being put into the company but not enough coming in. They had major financial issues they caused them to basically turn over their business to their competitor. That is never how an entrepreneur plans their business to turn out especially a few
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