British Telecom Case Study.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BT is the leading telecommunication company in Europe. As the information and telecommunication requirements of people increases, British Telecommunication (BT) has a leading corresponding growth in the size and number of information processed. Therefore, the genuine analyses on BT are required for such an important and strategic company. In that assignment, we followed the Systems Design approach which includes analysing the components of the system, brainstorming the alternatives to improve the processes and implementation of the preferred solution. First of all, we presented some information on the history of British Telecom considering the expanding process of BT. Then, we identified and analysed its key elements in…show more content…
The GPO ran and developed the British Telephone sector till 1965, at that time, the British Government established a "Steering Group on the Organisation of the Post Office", the GPO was divided into five different divisions: Post Services, Telecommunications, Saving, Giro and National Data Processing Services. The British Telecom Act. 1981, transformed the responsibility for telecommunications services from the Post Office, in respect of introduce competition into the UK telecommunication market, also other operator got license to run and develop telecommunications systems, as the public telephone network and instruments supplied to the market. The strategies of alliances provided to BT a structure of a telecommunication corporation. Moreover, in 2000, BT made public plans to set about of five different business expansions: BT Retail, BT Wholesale, BT Global, BT Openworld, BT Exact. BT Group has re-focused its core activities on voice and data customers primarily based in the UK and elsewhere in Europe - a fiercely competitive market but one in which BT's businesses have a wealth of expertise on which to build. These business units are: BT Global Services - BT's global managed services and solutions provider, serving multi-site organisations world-wide. BT Wholesale - runs BT's networks and provides network services and solutions to other communication companies. BT Exact - BT's research, technology and IT operations business,
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