Britnnia Biscuits Case Study

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ENGINEERING STRETEGY ASSIGMENT 1 MODULE LEADER : RICHARD ANDERSON Submitted by: Ankit Mehar SID: 3042910 M69EKM BRITANNIA INDUSTRIES LIMITED In 2007, Britannia, one of the India’s largest biscuit brands held a market share of 38% in terms of value. Indian biscuit industry, the third largest producer of the biscuits in the world was highly under-penetrated. This presented numerous growth opportunities to new as well as existing players. Apart from the presence of big players like ITC Foods and Parle, the local manufacturers of biscuits and other Indian snacks had been raising concerns for Britannia. Besides competition, Britannia faced critical challenges due to declining margins in…show more content…
Where the joint venture company already cornered with 45% of 450 crore. In the cheese market this was the rapid growth they seen before, because last year this was growing with 5% but now this is growing with 12%. The market of cheese in India is estimated at almost 9000 tonnes and is rapidly increasing with 15% per year, because cheese is mainly used in cities or in metro cities. This shows that only in four main metro cities cheese consume more than 50% of consumption. They have got a very tough competition with their other business rivals amul, Dabon international, vijaya this was creating competition tougher day by day. But Britannia was having their own customers with pride. Britannia has faced this threat reasonably well over the past one year, without a visible impact on its financial performance. The proposed foray by Nestle India and Hindustan Lever into confectionery and dairy products. Business strategy (2007-08) Britannia strategy is simple – to get more people to buy & enjoy more of their brands – anytime, anywhere – everyday. Britannia 's performance in 2007-08 was strong, with a sales growth 17.5 per cent, besides a 27.5 per cent growth in the previous year, adding Rs 800 crore of incremental revenue during this period (total revenue for 2007-08 was Rs 2,617 crore). Britannia is among the fastest growing FMCG companies in the last two years. Its net profit increased by 77.5 per cent and

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