Brittany Decuir. Posc 6563 Seminar In Public Administration.

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Brittany DeCuir
POSC 6563 Seminar in Public Administration
Dr. William McLean
2.2. PAA 1 Assignment

1. What is your own theory of management? You can describe it in words or draw it as a model. (Keep a copy for yourself so that you can modify it as the course proceeds and you progress through the program you can see how your theory of management changes). Theory of management is a list of ideas and goals set into place by owners or organizations which set forth rules and guidelines on how to manage a business. Management theory gives insight to managers and supervisors, pretty much upper level management a vision on how to achieve company goals. Management needs guidance on how to motivate upper level management as well
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You don’t have to be manager material but have a mindset that one day you will become a master manager. Encouraging employees to be trained and moved in different departments constantly to broaden their opportunities to be knowledgeable in all areas. Offering opportunities for employees to express ideas to help run business smoothly and actually incorporating them within those job duties. Encouraging team work by letting employees resolve minor issues without the assistance of management as long as they are aware of the problem. This lets employees come together and problem solve giving them somewhat of authority. If an employee doesn’t agree with a manager or supervisor, encourage employees to speak up and fear no one. Always keep a professional demeanor and proper voice tone when bring up matters. We all are human and make mistakes and as a manager, we may see things differently from employees in which they may offer great advice so be open and honest.
• What personal values seem to underlie your theory; that is, "People, managers, or organizations should/not _______(what?)." As human beings, our personal values play a significant role in our day to day lives, which can make our break long-term success no matter what roles we take on. It’s always best to surround yourself with people who have positive values because they tend to adapt to lifestyle changes with an ease. Positive personal
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