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Brittany Nensel Ms. Davis College Prep English 1 4 April 2017 That Fateful Afternoon That beautiful morning, the morning of the day that marked an event that will change the lives of those who were witness to a melancholy occurrence. That day started with kids and parents going about their normal morning routines trying to get ready for their days at school and work. Nobody expected the turmoil that would ensue in the middle of that beautiful november afternoon.The sunlight coming in the window and the rays lightly brushing the skin for just a slight warmth when eating the delicious home cooked breakfast made by a caring heart. This was the morning that Tom Nensel had that day. Tom, my father, was one of those unsuspecting…show more content…
“ It was a series of events that affected the whole country and everybody was watching the t.v. day and night to see what would happen next”(Nensel). Even though Tom lived hundreds of miles away from where the crime had taken place, the effect on his family was astronomical. Kennedy was seen as royalty to most of the country he was regarded highly and was respected by others that weren’t even a citizen of our country. He held the nation together and was everyone’s role model. These events had cast a shadow on the trust and optimism of our country and still felt like a fresh wound 40 years later. On this day, Kennedy was taking part in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. There were crowds of people lining the streets excited to get just a glimpse of Kennedy and his wife. When passing the Texas School Book Depository, gunfire rang out with the source being unknown. The president was hit in multiple locations, being his neck, head and chest. He was rushed to the Parkland Memorial Hospital, which was close to where the motorcade was taking place. The governor, who was also in the car with his wife and the president, was also hit in the chest, but would recover from his injury. The hospital was only a couple of minutes away, but the hit to Kennedy was fatal and there was not much they could do for him. A catholic priest was called to perform the last rites, and Kennedy was

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