Brittney Pugh. Fowler. English 101. 3 March 2017. Is Marriage

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Brittney Pugh
English 101
3 March 2017
Is Marriage Good for Us?
Not one person could say that they enjoy being alone 24/7 without having another individual to look to for support. According to Merriam-Webster, marriage is defined as “the state of being united as spouses in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law.” Marriage, however, is more than just a piece of paper confirming that the “two have become one.” Marriage consists of trust, honesty, and commitment. Even though some may disagree, marriage is very beneficial and although marriage cannot guarantee a life without troubles, it can guarantee a life of healthy living.
Being married is safer than being single or a cohabitant because the risk of victimization
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That is a major shift and could greatly improve how long one lives depending on how well their parents remained married. Vice versa, a divorce may weaken the bond that the child has with each parent. When this child reaches adulthood, they can describe their relationship with their parents to be less positive and they will be forty percent less likely to say that they see their parents at least several days throughout the week. To add, a child who grows up in a home with married parents have a decreased risk of becoming poor in their lifetime. Not only does a divorce effect those who are getting the divorce, but it also effects those around them, especially their children (Gallagher).
Marriage can also be a financial boost. Many today think that marriage is an entry to financial troubles and burdens, but it can in fact help both the husband and wife financially. For example, a man’s (and woman’s) salary increases when he “ties the knot.” Couples also tend to handle financial situations better because they manage their money and build wealth together. Married couples are also less likely to report an economic hardship than their peers who have never been married or have been divorced.
Marriage can be good for your mental and physical health. In fact, once a couple is officially married, mental health automatically improves. Those

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