Brixton: A Complex History of the Past and Present

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Within these spaces we can see changes by human beings and the natural world, for good or bad intentions which depends on perspective. Place can be shaped by a variety of factors: historic events, economic implications, physical changes to the landscape and cultural influences. Brixton is one of the most complex places within the Greater London area that has changed significantly over a period of a century. With a long standing history of changes by internal and external forces, Brixton looks very different from what longstanding denizens remember. As it has gone through economic, socio-cultural and ethnic change as an inner city area. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the changes and factors that make Brixton a complex place or landscape. It was interesting to discover that Electric Avenue was the first street in all of London to run electricity in 1895 and the idea of shopping changed for years to come as electricity was integrated into everything. The Brixton market began on Atlantic Road and spread to Brixton road as well as the first department store which created a popular attraction with all kinds of shoppers ( Large, expensive houses were built along the main routes of Brixton which attracted middle class folks to settle and spend their money at the market. Furthermore, the construction of the railways and trams during 1860's…
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