Brl Hardy Analysis

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Integrative Case
Group 6 Leslie Sosa July, 1st 2010 Christophe Delachanal Sébastien Lacour Charbel Makhoul

BRL Hardy
Globalizing an Australian Wine Company

* Table of Content 1 Introduction 4 2 Hardy & BRL Merger & Acquisition Success Analysis 5 2.1 Wine Industry – Porter Forces Analysis 5 2.2 Pre-M&A Conditions - Evaluation 6 2.3 Post Merger Management 6 3 The “Stephen Davies & Christopher Carlson” Case 8 3.1 Sources of Tension 8 3.2 Steve Millar: Management of The Situation 9 3.3 Reflecting the situation – Global Management Teams 9 4 New Product Launch: D’instinto 10
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Changes in regulation, Medium 3/5
One of the major risk is from the government that can adopt more restrictive laws about alcohol and driving. There is a potential threat also on sulphite regulation. Finally, countries such as France and Italy try to protect their market with AOC and DOC denomination.
Economical trends, low 0/5
There is a good economical trend for BRL Hardy. The exchange rate is in favour for Australia in export. Furthermore, the market condition is very good thanks to local and international growth and Australian wine becoming trendy.
Social pressure, low 0/5
According to cardiologist, they are saying that one glass of good wine is healthy.
Technology breakthroughs, high 4/5
Large-scale wine suppliers from New World countries (US, SAm, SAf, Australia) were exploiting modern viticulture and more scientific winemaking practices to produce more consistent “high-quality wines”.
Additional forces: Complements 0/5
No comment.
Pre-M&A Conditions - Evaluation
Before BRL and Hardy’s merger they were considered rivals with different point of views in their strategic process to the wine industry that led them each to have a different organization overall. Hardy was known for its polite and traditional approach with award winning quality wine and BRL’s approach was focused on an aggressive and commercial culture that followed its fortified, bulk, and value wines.

Hardy started out strong, a family owned business
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