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BRM PROJECT Page 1 “DOES FII’S INCREASES STOCK MARKET VOLATILITY” Page 2 “DOES FII’S INCREASES STOCK MARKET VOLATILITY” Section : A Semester : 2 Batch : 2008-2010 STUDENT NAMES & ROLL NO: AMRIT RANJAN SAHOO (6) ANUBHAV GARG (9) ANWAR HUSSAIN (10) KARTIK SHETH (24) PARTH MEHTA (35) POONAM BAKSHI (37) PREETISH SATHEESH (39) ASHISH PUGALIA (40) RAHUL KHANNA (42) SHIVANI MAHESHWARI (52) VIKASH JAIN (62) Page 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to add a few heartfelt words for the people who were the part of this project in numerous ways, the people who gave support right from the stage the project idea was conceived. Needless to say, this project would not have been possible without the blessings of the Almighty, we are…show more content…
By June 2001, over 500 FIIs were registered with SEBI. The total amount of FII investment in India had accumulated to a formidable sum of over Rs. 50,000 crores during this time. In terms of market capitalization too, the share of FIIs has steadily climbed to about 9% of the total market capitalization of BSE. Page 7 Sources of FII in India: The sources of these FII flows are varied. The FIIs registered with SEBI come from as many as 28 countries (including money management companies operating in India on behalf of foreign investors). US-based institutions accounted for slightly over 41%, those from the UK constitute about 20% with other Western European countries hosting another 17% of the FII‟s. It is, however, instructive to bear in mind that these national affiliations do not necessarily mean that the actual investor funds come from these particular countries. Given the significant financial flows among the industrial countries, national affiliations are very rough indicators of the "home” of the FII investments. In particular institutions operating from Luxembourg, Cayman Islands or Channel Islands or even those based at Singapore or Hong Kong are likely to be investing funds largely on behalf of residents in other countries. Nevertheless, the regional breakdown of the FIIs does provide an idea of the relative importance of different regions of the world in the FII flows. Page 8 Page 9 Where can the investments be made? Foreign corporate
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