Broadcast Journalism is Transforming but not Dying Essay

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Over the last 20 years the Internet has become a prime source for media people turn to for convenience. We have entered a culture that demands information and news instantly and constantly all day, all week and all year round. The invention and rise of handsets, social media, News apps and online newspapers have pushed broadcast journalism to the brink, forcing the industry into a state of struggle whereby it must deliver successful ideas to stay in the loop. By discussing how future broadcast journalists can either establish new ideas or incorporate new technology into their work, it can be established that this industry isn’t dying. The traditions of broadcast journalism are in a state of redevelopment to keep up with the technologically advanced society in which we now live, and sustain reliable, truthful information everyone is entitled to.

Broadcast journalism is transforming but not dying. Our culture is changing; we are no longer willing to wait around until 6pm to see Rick Ardon deliver the channel 7 news. We have iphones, computers, ipads and android that can deliver us the information we are itching for before our eyes in just the click of a button. In 2001, a study found that 75% of a sample population identified themselves as Internet users, 48% of these were using the Internet for news. In 2004 between 30% and 37% of the Australian population were using the Internet for news compared to 22% of the same sample who had subscribed to pay television service…

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