Broadcasting and Society

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Running head: BROADCASTING AND SOCIETY 1 What Impact is the DVR Having on the Advertisers? Steven Joseph Spayer November 12, 2014 BC 323 – Section IC2 – Broadcasting and Society Professor: Dr. Roger Sadler Western Illinois University BROADCASTING AND SOCIETY 2 Introduction As technology changes in the communication environment, the impact is felt in the advertising field. In case advertisers fail to adapt as well as monitor the changes being witnessed field of technological communication, they face the threat of losing millions of funds, which they direct to ineffective advertising spending. The DVR (digital video recorder) is one of the major revolutions in technology that advertisers should familiarize themselves with to…show more content…
With the tremendous advancements being realized in DVR technology therefore, it is appropriate for the advertisers to device strategies that will help them identify both the threats and opportunities that this device presents. Review of Literature Any form of advertising situation offers both opportunities and threats in order for the advertisers to attain their goals. Communication goals through advertising aim at boosting recall of the brand, sales increase, and attaining the target audience. In order for the advertisers to develop effective advertising strategies, they should put into consideration two vital factors. These include considering communication strategies that can help them reach their target audience and understand the how the audience behaves while using the mass media. All other strategic decisions that the advertisers make are dependent on a thorough understanding of these two major forces (Hendricks, 2010). By embarking on theoretical frameworks, it is possible for advertisers to understand these two major factors and help to analyze as the opportunities and threats presented by DVR use. With the emergence of new technology, the behavior of the audience with respect to ways in which they use the mass media changes on a constant basis. In this case, experts stipulate that the DVR have the potential of altering the manner in which
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