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Education, Employment and Training
Strategic Plan 2016-2026


Data collection and analysis
1. Profile of Broadmeadows population
2. Profile of labour market and employment
3. Profile of educational and training institutions
Conclusion and issues
Objective 1:
Objective 2:
Objective 3:
Objective 4:

Community engagement strategy


According to some existing research on Broadmeadows, there are evident data and reports indicating that the unemployment rate and youth unemployment rate of Broadmeadows are significantly higher in comparison with the data of other Greater Melbourne suburbs. The labour force participation of Broadmeadows is lower either compared with Greater
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The statistics also indicates an incredibly high level (that is, 21%)of disengagement of young people in Broadmeadows, who were aged 18-24, neither working nor studying.
Recently the Age published an article referring to the truth that youth unemployment in Melbourne’s outer suburbs is getting worse (Perkins 2015).

Figure 2: Youth unemployment


• Labour force participation
Labour force participation comprises two parts of people, one part is people who are employed, the other one is people who are unemployed but actively seeking a job. At most cases, low unemployment is inseparable with limited labour force participation.

• Employment by industry and occupation
The top three industry sectors of labour force in Broadmeadows are manufacturing industry (in which includes 16.47% working population), followed by transport, postal and warehousing (10.04%), and retail trade (9.26%).

Figure 3: Industry sector of employment

The top three occupations of employment are respectively labourers (18.06% of total working population), followed by technicians and trades workers (17.09%), then machinery operators and drivers (15%), which normally do not have a requirement of high educational
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Also, it is obvious that language problems accompanied with cultural diversity, because some migrants had problems on speaking English which resulted in the difficulty of seeking a job.

The limitation of low education levels is undoubtedly one of the reasons why Broadmeadows residents have low employment rate and lower income. Besides that, there are fewer employment opportunities in Broadmeadows due to its economic basis.

In Hume Horizon 2040, two strategic objectives are addressed to help build a well educated and employed community, one of them is “Support and enhance skill development and educational opportunities to reduce disadvantage and improve employment prospects and quality of life”, the other one is “Create conditions that support business growth and create local jobs for Hume residents”.

To ensure people living in Broadmeadows have access to every stage of education, and vocational training services to enhance their employment competitiveness, also provide opportunities for fresh job seekers to acquire working
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