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Using information technology to grow a small business as applied to The Broadway Café
Kristy Dobbins
Strayer University
Instructor: Amir Afzal D. SC
CIS 500
Business Driven Information Systems
Fall 2010


I recently inherited my grandfather’s coffee shop, The Broadway Café located in the heart of Harmony, NC. Since 1952 this shop has been the local hotspot for both locals and visitors. My grandfather has run this shop for years without modernized technology and has been successful in his management. Currently the café is struggling to compete with the current updated businesses of the 21st century. This paper will show how I use modernize information technology to update the business operations while maintaining the
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The Broadway Café can use this as a personal advantage because there is no threat of rivalry among existing competitors because their not any.

Michael Porter’s Three Generic Strategies’ Applied Making the decision to leave the atmosphere of the café as is and focusing on up grading business operations from relaying on memory and notepads to run the business. Now, I must develop a strategy for a full turn around for the business to become successful. In doing so, I can use Porter’s Three Generic Strategies (Baltzan & Phillips, CIS 500 Business Driven Information Systems, 2009). The strategies consist of broad cost leadership, broad differentiation, and focused strategy.
Of the three I pick focus strategy which includes both cost leadership and differentiation (Baltzan & Phillips, CIS 500 Business Driven Information Systems, 2009). The café is a small business and special attention will be geared to marketing towards the residents of Harmony. My plan is to add on new services and possible products will attract new customers as well as maintain old ones. Some of the services and products include:
• Catering Service
• Delivery Service
•Product Sell which includes bakery goods, teas, and coffees

E-business Developing the café into an e-business will allow the café to remain to survive in a competitive business field. The benefits of an e-business
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