Brochure: A Case Study

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Goals: The goal of this health education project is to increase knowledge among healthcare providers at the Foxboro Woman’s Center in Foxboro Massachusetts as well as their pregnant woman about the risks to unborn child if marijuana is used in pregnancy. The hope is that through provider education will come an increase in screening for prenatal marijuana use, resulting in the proper plan of care and cessation treatment. Secondly, the project will provide the practice with a brochure that will be included in the clinic’s new obstetrics (OB) packet, which is given to every patient at the first OB appointment. The goal of the brochure is to inform the expectant mother of the risk and long-term consequences of marijuana use to the unborn…show more content…
THC has shown to have negative effects on the embryo as early as 2 weeks after conception and can impinge on brain development before pregnancy sings are present (Psychosos & Vinod, 2012).
Marijuana crosses the placenta and blood-brain barrier because of this marijuana has been shown to negatively affect brain development. Some of the documented negative long-term consequences of marijuana use in pregnancy are emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disorders. Marijuana may also lead to difficulty with attention, memory and problem solving (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2014). Physical effects of infants exposed to marijuana use while in utero have been proven and include decreased birth weight, height, gestational period and higher incidence of preterm labor (Alharbi & el-Guebaly,
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These objectives are as follows: educate healthcare providers and patients about health consequences of the use of marijuana in pregnancy and how eliminating the exposure will benefit both parent and child. Increase screening of pregnant woman for marijuana use and recognize high-risk patients. According to research studies characteristics of high risk woman are, co morbid, current or past psychiatric diagnosis, minority, single, unemployed, disabled or have a history of marijuana use. This project will aim to help healthcare providers identify and counsel at risk patients and provide patients with the necessary information about the negative effects marijuana has on their unborn
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