Brokeback Mountain Comparison

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The Marlboro cigarette advertisement was published in 1970. The famous short story, Brokeback Mountain, is written by Annie Proulx and was published in 1999. The two text depict men from the American west similarly, relying on many stereotypes people have of them. There are many stereotypes that come to mind when thinking of the American West. Usually thoughts of down-to-earth men with cowboy hats and hillbilly accents riding horses in the meadows come to mind. At first glance at the advertisement I saw just that; two men, likely from the countryside, doing their job of taking care of horses. The milieu is a notable element of the advertisement. The men are in a meadow which has been painted with soft but dirty colours. A similar…show more content…
There isn’t much language used in the advertisement either, it is very short and to-the-point: “Come to where the flavour is. Come to Marlboro Country.” This should also appeal to men because as the saying goes “men are creatures of view words”. Looking closely at the contexts of the advertisement we can assume the intended audience to be the same as of the novel. In both texts the main characters are working men, they even have the the same job; taking care of animals. Working with cattle and other animals is usually thought of being a “real man’s” job in the west. Smoking cigarettes is also one of the stereotypes associated with cowboys. The advertisement uses these cultural assumptions to appeal to their, supposed, majority audience which consists of men. A wilder side of the west is depicted in the advertisements. The cowboys are herding the wild horses. Cowboys are seen as the epitome of masculinity and especially in the 70s every boy wanted to grow up to be one. By looking at the two different texts the being a real man means being smoking cigarettes, running wild in nature and being able to have power over other
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