Brokeback Mountain Essay

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Movies can be divided in to so many categories nowadays and there are different reasons why there is an emergence of these. One reason being that movies evolve with society and this is evident in the way movies are presented from black and white to colored and now 3D movies. But we must also look at how the different plots have evolved from the usual light home movies to mafia influenced movies and now more socially relevant movies. As society evolves, so does our opinions and views on different ideologies or concepts about life and our surroundings. In the case of bisexuality, our cultures dictate whether or not we will accept it freely or with a little opposition. This is most evident in the movie Brokeback Mountain which stirred the…show more content…
This practice is called aretē wherein two individuals seek the excellence that the other possesses and in the process they are led to a union, even if they are married, that society accepts. Although in the case of the movie and our society at present, this practice isn’t accepted, we can see that people who lived during that time have an open mind which people should have at present. The emergence of this movie also shows us that there is an initiative on the part of film directors to shape society’s view on gays. Especially since a lot of people misunderstand them because they don’t take that initiative to see that they only differ in preference and not necessarily in their genetic makeup. With this in mind it should also be noted that as these directors and other organizations make those initiatives, people will be more likely to understand and accept others’ differences and eventually coexists without prejudice and violence. According to Heath Ledger when asked about what he can say about the movie, he said, “It transcends a label. It’s a story of two human beings that are in love; get over the fact that it’s two men — that’s the point.” This wonderful quote summarizes what everyone should take into consideration. The bottomline of all relationships should be love. Whether that love would be with a man or woman, everyone should give that level of respect because no one can dictate who the right one is but
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