Brokeback Mountain

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Concepts in Brokeback Mountain and how it relates to Our Sexuality Human Sexuality Spring 2011 The concept of homosexuality has been explored by society for many years and is not a new concept. Gay roles portraying homosexuals as people with the same drives and desires as heterosexual people have only begun to surface in the last few decades. Roles showing lesbian women and transgender seem to have been more widely accepted especially when they are used as humor. The role of the gay man in film and in society seems to be widely accepted when those roles are opposed or when the stereotype of a gay man is needed to inject some humor. Homosexuals are only now receiving the same attention that other controversial roles have…show more content…
Society is inflexible, and they have no choice but to follow the rules- Ennis and Jack are forced to live a lie because they have no other options. Though it frustrates them, they have to play the hand they are dealt and go on with their "normal/moral" lives with a wife and children; however, their love for each other was Eros and nothing could penetrate or distract from that- not neither time nor distance. They had the highest form of love. Films like Brokeback Mountain show the humanity of their characters allowing the audience to see what they already know, love between two people. The filmmakers have focused so closely and with such feeling on Jack and Ennis’ characters, that the movie is emotionally perceptive to the audience about the struggles of heartache. The film relates to the majority of society, because the more it understands the individual characters, the more everyone can relate to them. Throughout the story the two men constantly struggle with the fact that they simply cannot be together. They talk about it and they desire to be together, but they know, in their society, it simply is not an option. They get married to women, they have sex with their wives, and they have babies, because it is all they know to do. They know there is no possible way they could ever be accepted as homosexuals, and again, they cannot even bring themselves to label themselves as being gay. Chapter 9
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