Broken Bone Research Paper

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A fracture is a broken bone. Some of the most common causes of fractures are car accidents, falls, and sports-related inuries. There are several options for treating a fracture. Open fracture treatment is when the fracture site is surgically opened or exposed. This can be with or without manipulation and with or without skeletal traction. One type of open fracture treatment is internal fixation with a fixation device. In this type of treatment the doctor repositions or "reduces" the pieces of broken bone into normal alignment. Then screws and/or metal plates are used to connect the broken bone. It may also be necessary for the doctor to insert rods through the center of the bone. Another type of treatment is open fracture treatment. With closed fracture treatment, the fracture site is not surgically opened or removed. The different methods for closed fracture treatment. These include casting, traction, and an external fixation device. Casting is used to stabilize a broken bone and keep broken bone pieces from moving during healing. The cast is usually made from fiberglass or plaster. Traction can be used stabalize the injured area. With traction the muscles and tendons around the bone are stretched. The traction is controlled by a pulley and weights system in a metal frame above the bed. In exteranal fixation…show more content…
If the cast is put on in the ER or a physician's office then only the codes for the cast and any supplies are used. If the cast is put on as part of a closed reduction treatment by an ortopedist, then the cast is considered part of the procedure and only the procedure and supplies are coded. The CPT code for closed treatment of a humeral shaft fracture, without manipulation is 24500. If the treatment includes manipulation, with or without traction the code is 24505. An open treatment for a humeral shaft fracture with the use of plates/screwis, with or without cerclage is
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