Broken Family After The Second Divorce

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For twenty years, divorce has been an untiring topic, furnishing at least one part of my brain at all times. When I take the time to sit down and dissect it, though, I can’t translate the signaling neurons into keystrokes. I can’t justify growing up believing love is a temporary fix, or that later I proclaimed the title of Broken Family after the second divorce. I can’t rationalize the polarization of my allegiance to the two halves of my whole. I can’t articulate how it feels to be passed back and forth from house to house like a talking stick at a self-help meeting or a pre-teen campfire setting. But a talking stick gives one power - power whose only foundation is the imagination of the involved parties - but power nonetheless. That’s…show more content…
I questioned the integrity of a marriage, the respectfulness of this town, and the character of my own parents. I grew up thinking that my three parents were perfect, almost as if they were godly. Their inhuman semblance flickered out as the rumors distanced me from these beloved-turned-betrayers. Even so, I still took sides - as children of divorce frequently do. My allegiance to one parent after the first divorce suddenly became unstable during the second. Favoritism remained throughout the second separation, but the rumors shadowing my family imbedded themselves so deeply that I couldn’t feel safe in my loyalty to any of my three parents. Instead, I demoted my relationship with the first parent to one of superficiality and toleration, maintained the preexisting distance with the second parent, and dissolved all communication with the third. In my aloneness, I grieved for my second chance of unity that failed unequivocally. Growing up in a family that was very familiar with courtrooms, I sought validation for love and lifelong promises. I questioned my friends about their parents’ marriages, almost as if I was collecting data for a reputable research journal. Do they go on dates? What do they fight about? Do they disappear after they argue? Do you think they love

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