Broken Window Philosophy : Broken Windows

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In the article Broken Windows, it gives the reader insight on what broken windows stands for and how it plays a role in policing. Broken windows is based on bad behavior or actions in the community. Just like a broken windows it symbolizes nobody cares, which leads to greater fear of crime and a lessens of community bad behavior, which in turn can lead to more serious crimes and greater signs of bad behavior, and it could turn into a repeating the cycle. "If a window is broken and left unrepaired, people walking by will conclude that no one cares and no one is in charge."(Wilson) This theory says that the little things matter. By focusing on the small acts of criminals, law enforcements hope to make the community have social control meaning taking control of their community and to prevent crime or corruption from happening. Broken Window philosophy has it positive and negative aspects. The theory states disorder causes fear in the community, and more crime to occur. Broken Windows strategy was to fight crime and keep the community safe from danger. In some ways Broken Windows did help the community and in other ways it didn’t. With that said I going on to talk about what Broken Windows has done for us in positive way.
One thing that Broken Windows have done for policing is troublesome juveniles can learn how to clean their bad behavior or act. By looking for smaller crimes such as vandalism, littering, or etc., policer could catch them. For police officers catching the

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