Broken Window Theory

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Alex Richards 11/10/14 Criminology Broken windows theory

Abstract The broken window theory is a form of law that stops serious and non violent crimes, which can be reduced crime in urban cities. This strict enforcement is to stop non violent crimes such as skipping school, graffiti, vandalism and not paying fair. This law was first introduced in New York City in 1980, ever since the level of crimes has dropped even violent crimes such as rape, murder has gone down. New York started seeing their results in the early 1990s, and 2000. George Kelling was the founder of the broken windows theory; he first stated in a magazine article that if a building has multiple broken
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Parents may also be influenced to keep a better eye on their kids and the activities that take place outside their home. In order to deter this type of disaster police should implement some form of broken windows policing. First, you have to determine what the main problem that should be resolved is. For example A panhandler that begs for money every day on the side of the street or in residential communities, This act is the one that opened the door for criminals to enter into the community. If the community can 't keep a belligerent panhandler from harassing the citizens, a thief may believe, that the community is even less likely to notify police of a mugging. By resolving the panhandling issue, the major issue, you can also start eliminating some of the smaller problems. Panhandling is a serious crime because they start to harass the residents and steal money from those that have sympathy to there lies. When residents give the panhandlers money, more and more panhandlers will come in the neighborhood to seek out the same opportunities. One thing that police officers can do is meet with the residents so that they can voice their opinion about the rundown homes in the community. At this time they can also seek any suggestions on how to correct the problem. The first thing for officers to do is search these homes for squatters and criminal. They should be check to see if they have any warrants. If no warrants they are

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