Broken Windows By James Wilson And George Kelling

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As the new Chief of Police, there is an important need to implement reforms that will improve police/community relations. The Mayor of New York City has recognized the controversial police tactics being displayed throughout the NYC. Therefore, there is a growing need to implement changes that will best balance competing interests. However, before employing a new plan, we must thoroughly review the police tactics we have now.
Zero tolerance policing was the style adopted by New York City in the 1990 's. This style of policing aims to associate the full and complete enforcement of all criminal violations, from minor infractions (such as disorderly conduct or public loitering) to major crimes (such as robbery and burglary). Therefore, by clamping down on minor crimes like graffiti which practitioners believe lead to further crimes will ultimately stop serious crimes from occurring. It includes a set of responses to particular crimes by the police, although the courts maintain some discretion.
The strategy is derived from an influential essay entitled Broken Windows by James Wilson and George Kelling. They argue that a disregard for petty infractions, such as graffiti, public loitering, or the breaking of windows, encourages further crime by signaling a degree of public apathy and neglect. By tackling minor offenses, in their view, would not only increase the quality-of -life but also help reduce more serious crime. It is marked by the confidence of the police officers in…
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