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BUSN 110
The Corporation: Video Case Study 1. What role should the corporation play in our lives and society, if any? a. Corporations should provide quality products or services to individuals. b. Corporations should also have a social responsibility to the surrounding community and in the outsourcing countries they utilize to make their products or services. 2. Should corporations be entitled to the same legal rights as individuals? Where should the line be drawn? c. Corporations should not be entitled to the same legal rights. They people behind the firm should be held equally responsible if employees know they are doing wrong, The CEO or presidents of the corporations are making the decisions and if
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If the government was smart, they’d raise taxes for corporations. If a corporation is a “legal person” then it should have different tax brackets based on their profits each year. 9. In a poll taken by the film's producers, a majority of people suggest that the film convinces them that corporate charters need to be revoked and the system rebuilt. Is this plausible? It could be but most likely not.
a. Can individuals within an organization overcome its inherent flaws? Yes, if they have enough people who feel the same within the organization. People go on strike all the time.
b. Do you envision a return to earlier forms of business ownership and management, or something entirely new? If we all had mom and pop shops for every town, the economy would be great, but now we make things on mass production and these corporations have made us believe we ned their products and we can’t survive without it. 10. Can capitalism and democracy co-exist? They have but like the movie discussed, someone will own every piece of land or resource eventually. a. How has the internet reshaped our democracy? How can it? 1. People post their personal opinions and others might agree. You can reach out to a larger demographic by the use of the internet. b. How can corporations be obliged to have a stake in the sharing of their power, and in the social quality of their services? 2. Take more survey from product uses and actually value their
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