Brokers of Deceit by Rashid Khalidi

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Intent of the book is to show that USA has acted as a dishonest broker between Israel and the US, and has “instead acted as israel’s lawyer” (p.xxxvi)

Palestinian human rights, peace processes, and their right to self-determination was not brought back up again until George hw bush took office in the 90s.

Brokers of deceit is concise and easily accessible examination of how over more than thirty decades the U.S. has been gaming the peace process for it’s own benefit rather than to achieving a lasting and just peace between the Israeli and Palestinian people.

>Khalidi participated in peace negotiations in the 1990’s as an advisor so he cites original, unreleased documents showing American and Israeli positions.

Khalidi says that the foundation of America's long-term ongoing bias towards Israel is the Palestinians lack of a size-able domestic U.S. constituency.

Finding justice for the Palestinian refugees displaced from their homes by Israel would require that Israel displace its own settlers that it encouraged to move…

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