Bronchodilator Pulmonary Function

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CF is an autosomal recessive disorder that is predominately found in European decent. It affects various systems in the human body, however, it is the respiratory system that contributes to the high mortality rate due to pulmonary decline. This is due to a mutation in the CFTR gene, depending on what mutational class it falls under can indicate the severity of their clinical outcomes. The lack or complete absence of functionality of the CFTR gene results in mucus accumulation in the airways, which consequently makes them more prone to infections that may hasten their lung deterioration and even endanger their lives. Even though there is no cure for CF a number therapeutic classes are implemented usually in concomitant with each other to delay progression of lung disease and provide symptomatic relief.…show more content…
Yet, it is this very same treatment class that has been quite controversial regarding its benefits in pulmonary function in CF patients. There are a number of academic papers that have studied bronchodilators and their effect in CF, where conflicting findings either hold them in favour as a therapeutic treatment whilst others hold them with disdain. Thus, the question that arises is if bronchodilators are effective in treating pulmonary function in CF patients? To tackle this question, a number of academic articles from 1970 to 2017 will be reviewed and critically analysed to see whether bronchodilators are beneficial for CF patients. Firstly, understanding the fundamental points in CF and bronchodilators will not only provide context for the analysis but will also enable a deeper understanding of the rationale behind why this drug is prescribed to CF patients. Several studies will be then explored with paradoxical findings, where some results will support and oppose the use of bronchodilators in
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