Bronfenbrenner Ecological Systems Theory

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The ecological theory of development that was proposed by Urie Bronfenbrenner (1917-2005), is relevant to state all of our lives. Bronfenbrenner’s research demonstrates how our development is affected by the environment in which we live. The model consist of five major systems; microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macrosystem, and chronosystem. "Ecological systems theory is an approach to study of human development that consists of the scientific study of the progressive, mutual accommodation, throughout the life course, between an active, growing human being, and the changing properties of the immediate settings in which the developing person lives, as this process is affected by the relations between these settings, and by the larger …show more content…
She wanted to be able to advance in her current career and in order for advancement; a Master’s degree is required. Also by obtaining a Master’s degree in Human Behavioral, the student believes it would allow her to better communicate and understand the clientele she works with.
The third level is the exosystem; it consists of social structures that directly or indirectly affect a person’s life: school, work, mass media, government and various social networks (Crandell, Crandell, & Vander Zanden 2009). For example, if a child’s parent, especially a one income family household, gets laid off and is without work that may have negative effects on the child if her parents are unable to pay rent, buy groceries, or provide the necessities. In contrast, if her parent receives a promotion and a raise at work, this may have a positive effect on the child because her parents will be better able to give her physical needs. This may have a positive effect on a child’s development and motivate them to work hard and obtain a good job as an adult. Another example within this system would be the relationship between a child’s school and home, as the rules are often times different for a child at home and school and being able to keep the two separate can prove challenging for a child.
This student related the exosystem to her decision because of the economical recession. With all the rising cost of such things as gas,
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