Brooke Gladstone's The Influencing Machine

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In, “The Influencing Machine,” author Brooke Gladstone explains that the changing media does not change our brains if we do not let it. This goes against all the fears of technology thus far, essentially making us humans the artificial intelligence. Take, for instance, a schizophrenic. When they do not take their medicine dark and twisty thoughts are allowed to creep up inside their heads. Alot of times they see and hear things that are not actually there. This makes them feel like somebody, or some outside force is causing all of the problems. In actuality, it is themselves. Now, take something that is a bit more relatable to people. Say you are walking down the street and see a registered sex offender. Alot of people dont want to see that…show more content…
They were afraid the words and symbols were too complex for the human mind and it would cause their brains to become too overloaded with information. When the children grew up, they would ultimately find themselves in the insane asylum. In 1613 Barnaby Rich spoke that books overcharged the world to where the information from everyday would not be able to be comprehended. Then, the alphabet was feared that it would cause forgetfulness. People would essentially trust the written words more than they would orally and it would cause problems. Danny Crichton, in his article, “Fear Not The Robot,” tells that this fear is typical. It is like a revolving door. Every few years the fears come back. Typically they are caused by books and articles. Google's self driving cars have driven almost a million miles. People are suggesting that their next invention will be self driving diesels. Then the fear is that the response system will not be up to par and vehicle accidents will increase ten fold. Along with that, jobs will be put in jeopardy. Taxi drivers will be slowly laid off, and truck drivers will be plucked
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