Brooklyn Museum : A Museum Essay

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Kendrick Narcisse Professor Sherrell Brooklyn Museum Report #1 Before walking into The Brooklyn Museum, I didn’t know what to anticipate as I do not identify as a frequent museum visitor. However, soon after stepping inside this massive gallery I learned that this museum is one of the largest art museums in the United States and one of the premier art institutions in the world. I immediately got lost walking up and down the floors of this massive museum visiting every culture and gaining appreciation and taste of what life like was thousands of years ago. Through this experience of going to the museum, I gained a much bigger knowledge base and understanding of ancient cultures through permanent collections include a wide range of objects from ancient Egyptian masterpieces and ancient African masterpieces to contemporary art, representing almost every culture in the world. After viewing all the cultures in their galleries, I gravitated towards the Ancient African and Egyptian Cultures. The reason why i choose these cultures moreover then the other cultures was because I found these two cultures to be the most distinctive, unique, and important cultures. Two particular pieces I was particularly interested and inspired by was the Helmet Mask (African Culture) and the blank. Through these ancient culture collections, I learned how distinct each culture was and how cultures intertwined and influenced each other. (1992.135.2) (Medium) (wood, metal, pigment) (19th Century)-
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