Brooklyn, New York, Where A Lot Of Stars Were Born Or Raised?

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Brooklyn, New York, where a lot of stars were born or raised, from Christopher George Latore Wallace (Biggie Smalls) to Harvey Keitel. Brooklyn is the neighborhood I grew up in, since the year 1994 till now Brooklyn has had a drastic change. Brooklyn was one of the most dangerous boroughs In New York City, but over the years that has changed. It went from seeing drugs use and lots of violence on the street, to a calmer community with different ethnicity and cultures. Even-though there still exist dangerous places in Brooklyn, but there’s at least 1 in every borough. Brooklyn has changed in many different aspects, but there still lack of communication with one another and lack of communication with the members of certain communities and the…show more content…
People are just to themselves, but because this is occurring there is a lack of agency in the community. We have to understand that if we’re going to fix one community, we have to fix the rest because in reality we 're not fixing nothing at all. Neighborhoods where there’s more settlements of whites those are the neighborhood where everything is perfectly renovated and the community is great and more security. The poor neighborhoods are the ones with more needs, need better education, need a better relationship with police officer and especially need better communication with each other, if these issues can be changed then the community little by little will begin to come together. As in Urban Acupuncture states, “street sellers everywhere share a common identity. They infuse sound, aroma, and color into the city streets in a way that defines and enlivens our everyday lives” (Lerner, 40). There’s a diversity of cultures in many communities of Brooklyn, there’s lots of street sellers who sell products from jewelry to cultural food. They usually have these food trucks and the aroma from these trucks is what attracts a diversity of people, the food sometimes takes you to your origin of country. A way to improve a community one of the easiest thing to do, but some just ignore is recycling; recycling is a start to fixing the community, keeping the community clean. People should think about Urbanism making sure that the air is fresh, in order to accomplish this, community
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