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Brooklyn’s POV This is not going to end well, I think, putting my necklace on. My best friend, Gabby, decided I should go on a blind date because right now I’m “the most depressing thing” she’s ever seen. I’ve only been like that because three months ago my boyfriend, Eli, dumped me. I thought I was in love with him, which made it hurt even more. I slip on my shoes before I look at myself in my full-sized mirror. I take a deep breath, trying to gain some self-confidence. Average. I’m just average. I’m wearing a pink, blue, and white floral dress that goes down to just above my knees with silver heels. Eli hated it when I wore heels because with them on I was taller than him, but I like heels. My hair is up in a curly ponytail and I have very little makeup on. Walking out of my house, I grab my phone and put in my white purse. “Mom, I’m going out. I’ll be back in an hour or so. Maybe longer,” I call to my mother, who’s doing laundry. The walk to the small café where I am supposed to meet my date isn’t too long, about 10 minutes. I walk in, half expecting for him to be late. To my surprise, he got here early, and when he saw me he stood up and waved. I walk in and he pulls my chair out for me and helps me in. He’s such a gentleman. “Hello, I’m Michael. And you are…?” Michael asks, holding his hand out. I shake his hand. “I’m Brooklyn, but you can call me Brooke.” A waitress comes up to our table. “Hi I’m Maddie and I’ll be your server today. Can I start you off with something

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