Broome Community College Job Analysis

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One of my teachers once said “most teachers quit after five years.” I suppose this is how I know that I picked the correct field. I have been dedicated to the education of children since 2003, when I started my degree in the subject, and when I was hired for my first job in the field. Broome Community College was the start of my education. Once I received my associate’s, I transferred to Suny Cortland to obtain my Bachelor’s degree. At Suny Cortland I graduated with a dual degree in early education, and education.

My first job in the education field was a teacher's aide through Eastern Temporaries. At this job I worked for the Binghamton school district, and went to whichever class they needed me for at the time. One of my
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Winter break was around the corner, and I had made each child a small plaque with their name on it. As all of the children gathered around to collect their plaques, one student said “I'm going to keep this forever.” That's when I realized, moments like that is why I do this. When I finished my degree at Cortland, I became a family life specialist at The Children's Home of Wyoming Conference. In this position, I taught, and provided care for underprivileged children, who had nowhere else to go. While there, I started a craft club, took children to the library, taught them life lessons, and took care of their general well- being. There are many stories to tell from the two years I spent there. Although some memories stick out more than others. I will never forget one of the little ones that I had a special bond with. She was having a very tough day at school one day, and would not settle down for any of the teachers or our staff. Other measures were going to be taken, when I asked if…show more content…
The children are ages 3-4 years old and there are fourteen children in the class. The classroom is located in an elementary school, that has pre-k to third grade located it in. It is exciting to see the progress these young children make, in such a short period of time. This will be my second year with this company, and my manager has given me the chance to obtain additional training in order to mentor other teachers, and has recently asked me, if I would like to become the center director of that sight, in addition to my current position. The following year, Head Start hopes to start a UPK class in this location, of which I would be the teacher of. I am very excited about the prospect of what a Master’s degree could do to further my
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