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My interest in taking Advanced Placement U.S. Government/Macroeconomics stems from my segmented historical learning experience thus far in my Brophy career. I have delved into the developmental watersheds of societies in the ancient world, Europe, and the United States. In doing so, however, I have not yet focused my attention on a most immediate piece of the puzzle–the very processes and principles of modern-day American capitalism. And as a senior, I would like to accept the challenge of Brophy's pinnacle in historical study. AP U.S. Gov. & Econ. would not only mold and solidify my expectations for a future of collegiate education, but it would also provide a comfortably-blended field of mathematics and historical knowledge.

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Furthermore I will deliver my own prior notions of, for example, the vicious tie of a capitalistic government such as the U.S. to the public education system and its effective production of low-wage, factory-standard workers. This is but one of the few postulations I have made; my posing of such an idea/question could develop an in-class discussion. In turn, my whole class could both benefit in understanding and build a stimulated interest in the topic at hand. In addition, I plan to contribute my affinity for numbers to the economics-based sessions. I would willingly assist a struggling classmate as I regularly do with PHAM (Peer Help at Math, Ms. Toshner's room), should I myself have grasped the mathematical concepts. I could supplement classroom discussions with my quasi-philosophical ideas of the business world and economy, while also pushing my fellow classmates towards numerical clarity. In sum, I would like to challenge my mental regime by striving for my fullest potential in AP U.S. Government/Macroeconomics. I have practiced managing extracurricular and academic hours throughout my years at Brophy, and my interest in the broad facets of the American economic system would bolster the discussion of my
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