Bros Before Hos

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“Bros before Hos”

Kimmel exposes many believes in which society tries to establish how boys have to behave during their childhood and youth to prove that they are masculine during their adult life’s in his “Bros Before Hos” article. He states that boys have been raised to abide by certain codes, for example, “Boys don’t cry” or “Taking it like a man” to be fully functional male adults. He also states that when men try to deter from the “code” they are automatically labeled as weak or turning their backs on their own kind. Although I agree with many of the points he makes, I will have to disagree when he implies that not much has changed in the aspect of men standing up for themselves or being themselves in fear of being out casted. I
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They are responsible for the rise or downfall of their family.
Men should be able to speak up and show compassion or sympathize with the opposite sex without fear of being shun away or wrongfully labeled as being a bit feminine. I believe raising a boy the “old fashion” way should be abolished, or at least minimized. We still have a lot of the “old fashion” men out there who will not be caught dead doing anything that is considered feminine (I know because I married one of them) but society has changed in the sense that it is the norm to be able to be out and proud, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are gay. You see many males proudly wearing pink shirts, getting manicures without worrying about their masculinity because they are confident in themselves and don’t have the urge to prove it to anyone or reporting crimes without the fear of being labeled as a wimp. This to me is the true definition and measure of a real man; someone who is not afraid to go against society. After all, it does take a real tough man to wear
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