Brosnan's Role In 4 Bond Films

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It was the mid 1990s, with the fall of the Berlin Wall, a brave new culture charged head first out into the world. There was no denying that the times were in fact changing and even the great 007 couldn't beat the clock. He had to roll with the punches just like everyone else. Unfortunately, then current James Bond, Pierce Brosnan was rather discontented with the direction his films had brought the character, relying more on light humor as opposed to the gritty nature of the preceeding films of that time. Brosnan would go on to star in 4 Bond films between 1995 - 2002. Although he enjoyed the role, he often wished that the storylines given to his respective films were not so outlandish in nature. Brosnan was always a supporter of Sean Connery and Roger Moore, &…show more content…
Searching for the man to follow in Dalton's footsteps would prove to be no daunting task, producers looked no further than the man they had eyed up so many years prior. In the summer of 1994, after Remington Steele had faded from the public eye and had become a relic of the 1980s, Pierce Brosnan was officially announced as the fifth actor to portray James Bond. GoldenEye would go on to be released the following November and would enjoy monumental success, revitalizing public interest in the decades long running series.

Be that as it may, by the time of Brosnan's final outing as Bond in Die Another Day (2002) fans had began to once again find cause for discontent with the direction the films had taken. Brosnan's last two films in particular are often noted for their overuse of CGI and some of the most ludacris storylines in the history of the series. Knowing that it was time for another change, Bond producers showed Mr. Brosnan his pink slip after his many years of service and once again hit the reboot button, starting from scratch with Daniel Craig taking the reins

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