Brotherly Love

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Admiration of a younger brother When you have an older sibling often at a young age you use them as your idol, almost as if you're their own personal god. They're essentially the cool kid at your school that you model yourself after. You want to dress, talk and even eat like them. But at some point one of the siblings find that this admiration is often easily converted into worship that leads the older sibling to believe that they are able to psychology control the other. This unfortunately last for only so long before the younger one stops dealing with the shit that he or she is dealt and decides that they don't need to listen to their siblings as they both came from the same womb, or something of that matter. This to me is often…show more content…
Since that I've always watched out for my sister, when she comes home from college I'll pay for everything I do with her broke ass, not that I have a choice in the matter. And I always find myself talking to her as she goes through her daily depressions, which is most easily solved by a pint of "anything chocolate" ice cream. Later in life she told me the reason she started crying was because she had this major feeling of losing control. It scared her to know that somebody could hold her down like that, and being a female this was a big fear for her, as it understandably could be for any woman. I guess she never thought that it might also be a little scary and even more discouraging for a guy to be held down by a woman, but that's all in the past. My sister and I now find most of our younger life disputes and happenings to be completely hilarious, and much of our comedic personalities have come from the other. We have found this great relationship in the fact that she was a piece of shit bully and I was no more than the weak bitch that she had molded into doing her biddings. We have now made a pact to only make our parent's life's hell. I find that my sister and I have a relationship much like that of Donald and Pete's in the story "The Rich Brother." Of course it didn't last until the later years of my life, I would find that to be ridiculous. But I did for many years believe
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