Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales History

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Fairy tales, they are my favorite type of stories. I know they have a moral lesson, I also know the tales contain some source of magic or mythical creatures. Fairy tales are known for their happy endings as well. My experiences with these tales were mainly associated around the friendlier, modern versions. As I began to notice that these modern tales were too happy for me, I came across a book with work from Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. I immediately fell in love with their style of Fairy Tales, so I began to read those tales. I lost interest in the modern, happier tales. I honestly think their twisted tales should replace all of the modern tales this generation has grown up on. Writing this paper will allow my knowledge to expand on early …show more content…
I decided to watch The Juniper Tree inspired by the Grimm brothers. I was very disappointed with the movie, it was very slow, and sometimes it lost my interest. When I wrote about my reflection on the movie, it wasn't fun, I thought this step would be entertaining, but it wasn't for me. The final step was when I returned from winter break. I had to take notes from articles my teacher had selected for his students. This step was time consuming, and I honestly had not enough time to finish. I had missed one full day, and I arrived to class when it was halfway finished. I felt extremely rushed through the process, but when I looked back at my notes I took, I realized how helpful they were. Some of the information was extremely intelligent, and had allowed me to have a new observation on fairy tales.
The Find: Fairy tales are known for their unique happy ending along with magic sources. Brothers Grimm's fairy tales are uniquely twisted and malice, yet they are able to include a strong moral lesson. A fairy tales is a story where improbable situations lead to a happy ending (“Fairy Tale,” par. 2). Fairy tales took shape in the sixteenth-century Italy as literature for adults (Bottigheimer par. 11). Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm studied ancient German literature. By studying the literature, they began to gather folktales (San par. 4). The brothers' greatest fame rests on the works they've produced together (San par. 6). The relationship between the lives

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