Brothers and Keepers

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English 300
Dr. Clemons
April 21, 2013
Outline: I. Introduction: Introduce and provide information on the book Brothers and Keepers by John Edgar Wideman. II. Thesis: Wideman was affected by a wide range of challenges. While he wrote under such unbearable conditions, it is convincing that one could take a cultural studies approach to examine the hardships of poverty and the racist mindsets that had taken place during the time in which he wrote. III. Body: Provide evidence from text that supports my thesis. a. Pennsylvania during the 1960’s and 1970’s with some quotes from the book. a. John’s Life b. Robby’s life IV. Conclusion

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English 300
Dr. Clemons
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Those feelings are what caused high poverty rates, the formation of gangs, and the high level of violence into Homewood, Pennsylvania.
John and Robert always dreamed about running away from the poverty embracing their community. Even though they shared the same dream, each considered different means of achieving this dream. John realized at an early age that education was his was out of poverty in Pittsburgh. In his book Brothers and Keepers, John explains how he was running away from Pittsburgh because of the poverty. He explained that the only logical way to get out of these unbearable conditions were to go to college.
For many African Americans growing up in the 1960’s college was not an option. The only thing that was option for African Americans, were to get a job to support their family. Most of the African American communities did not have enough money to send their child to college. John understood this situation and did not let it hinder him. He knew that the first step to his exile, his flight from home would be getting good grades.
While attending school John did not only get good grades, he played basketball. The people in the African American culture in the 1960’s believed that the only way for a black person to get into college was to play sports for “the white man.” With many African Americans having this mind set, it pushed John to excel on
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