Brown And Cabot Lllp Case

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Jessica at Brown and Cabot LLP 1. Relevant facts in the case Jessica was a manager at Brown & Cabot LLP. She began working for B&C right after graduation in the taxation department. She was very good at preparing tax returns, providing tax planning and advising clients, and proposing new services to clients that generate more revenues for the firm. Clients and supervisors were very satisfied with her performance. Because of her abilities and her dedication, she got promoted to manager within 3 years, and had everyone’s respect and trust. She was the decision maker and motivator of the tax department. At B&C, tax services were only added 5 years ago when clients expressed the need for tax planning and tax advisory services, then Peter, who…show more content…
I always appreciate the fairness, try to understand the way people act and treat them fairly. However, I sometimes was sympathetic to someone’s reason or the consequences they was going to face. For example, I was a proctor in a university. My duty is to make sure that no one cheats during the exam. I saw students cheated in the exams. I should reported them and stopped them continuing doing the exams but I wanted to give them opportunity to continue doing the exams. If I stopped them, they would fail the class and pay more to retake it. However, it was not fair to another students who studied hard for the exams but might get the same results as the ones who did not study. There were two situations. If I were aware of the cheat in the very first minutes of the exam, I would warn them and collected any their materials, and gave them chance to finish the exam. I believe that it would be fair for all students, even the one cheated because they could not use materials in the short time. To some people, it is not considered to be fair to do so. However, if I were aware of the cheat late, it would be fair to report them and stop them from the tests. They might complete most of the exams by cheating. It depends on what situation is, I would prioritize the fairness or the
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