Brown V. Court Case

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This court case is talking about Kaipha S. Brown being charged with embezzlement and uttering, Brown told the court that the evidence introduced in the trial was trial was insufficient to sustain any of his convictions.
The facts that was viewed in this case was that brown use to work at United Airlines from the year 1999 to 2005, In July 2005 he was suspended without pay. During his suspension, United Airport stripped Brown of his employee badge and denied him access to the company’s computer Terminals. On July 27 2005, Brown went to the Ronald airport in Arlington County Virginia and asked the ticket customer representative named Starkweather to exchange the vouchers for the airline tickets. Brown was explaining that he no lingered work
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Brown testified that he wanted the tickets to travel with his family somewhere and persuaded the ticket agent that he makes reservations at the airport. United airlines book Brown and his family a flight and whenever the flight is over booked or oversold he stated that he volunteer to give up his seats in exchange for a voucher. Brown would then leave the airport without having paid for his initial reservation.
The court ruled that the evidenced presented in trial was insufficient to sustain any of Brown’s convictions for embezzlement or uttering so they dismissed the case and reversed Browns convictions.
The attorneys that was involved in the case was Lisa Joy Harwood and Leah A. Darron, and the judges that was present was Robert J. Humphreys and Joanne F. Alper who was the judge of a circuit court and Robert J. Humphreys wrote the opinion of the case. The reason that the court case was interesting because technology was used during the crime and how this case was dismissed I was surprised at first. The court of appeals stated that the commonwealth failed to prove that the vouchers presented by Brown were forgeries and should be charged with a class 5
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