Brown V The Board Of Education Case Study

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The Brown v. the Board of Education case had a big impact on many other similar cases as Mr. Brown’s and on history itself. This case caused many people to see that the separation between whites and blacks education was useless and did not better the children’s education. It also added to the racism issue occuring at the time. In the 1950s, a majority of public places were segregated. There were black schools where only colored kids were allowed to attend,then there were white schools where white children went. Many white schools were often close to the neighborhoods and communities where children of color lived. African American's weren't allowed to go anywhere marked as whites only. Many African American children had to walk far distances just to get to school. Some walked miles and miles, even all the way across town just to get to school. Many African American parents worried about their children's safety. I mean for such young innocent little boys and girls to have walked such distances just to get to their school was ridiculous. Parents like Linda Brown knew that this wasn't right and a change was needed in the School board system being operated. In Topeka,Kansas, a little African American girl had to walk very far to get to her school. Her father knew things should change and went to court with many other black parents about the way the U. S District court was segregated.

This kicked off a change in African American history. This started with Linda and Oliver
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