Brown Vs Board Of Education

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Yesterday my best friend, Brandon, and i went to the library located on Savannah State’s campus to study for our upcoming final exam. Even though Brandon is a caucasian, people don’t have a negative outlook on our relationship just because i am an African American. It doesn’t make much of a difference to society when we are seen together,considering America symbolizes unity. Must i remind you, it hasn’t always been this way in America. in fact Whites and Blacks weren 't allowed to attend the same school, let alone the same water fountain because of segregation. to many people this situation was looked upon as ridiculous. Why should a person’s skin tone determine where they should be allowed to go? I shouldn’t. This was going on way too long without anything being done about it. Finally someone decided to take the problem to a new extent to bring on change. Brown vs Board of education is one case that still has great significance in history. Not only did it have a huge effect on segregation, but America as well would not be the same. My surroundings would totally change if this case had not been established. Brandon would not be my best friend, and sadly without the desegregation in schools we would have never crossed paths. Oliver Brown stood as the representative plaintiff in the case Brown vs. Borad of Education. He felt so strong about segregated shools, becuase his daughter was denied entrance of a whiteschool located in Topeka Kasas. Although many people dealt with the

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