Brown Vs. Board Of Education

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Brown vs. Board of Education
Is our nation becoming segregated again in light of the recent current events? When you turned on your television last week, did you get a sense of remorse for both the black community as well as the law enforcement community? Our nation is facing many obstacles today regarding equal rights for all. Recently, I have read an essay released in a magazine called, The American School Board Journal, titled “The Ruling that Changed America” by Juan Williams which he also questioned the desegregated acts of Americans.
In this essay, Juan Williams’ summary claims that the court trial of Brown vs. Board of Education shaped America to be what it is today. “ On May 17, 1954 the Supreme Court ruled that segregated schools were wrong and that America will start a desegregation of all schools. This ruling made a lot of people irritated, especially Southern Governors like Georgia 's Gov. Herman Talmadge who said that the Brown vs. Education result was “ The first step towards national suicide.” Even though it made a lot of white people angry, it caused great happiness in the African American community, some even predicted the end of school segregation by fall of 1955. The first school desegregated was Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas. We have all seen the nine students being led into the school with the 101st Airborne by their side in our high school history class. Even though Central High was desegregated in 1957, other schools did not really
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