Brown Vs. Board Of Public Schools

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Brown vs Board
Tess Gerczak
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Brown vs Board
"Neither the atom bomb nor the hydrogen bomb will ever be as meaningful to our democracy as the unanimous declaration of the Supreme Court that racial segregation violates the spirit and the letter of our Constitution. “On May 17 1954 the court unanimously ruled that separate but equal violated the Equal Protection Clause. Even though undefined the brown vs board of education caused the desegregation of public schools. Led to abolishment of racial segregation in public schools. And lastly sparked a change in the way schools would run desegregated. Chief justice warren “Following oral argument, Warren told his fellow justices that the "separate but equal" doctrine
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School fundamentally changed the lives of people who lived through it yet had a smaller impact on the larger society. The brown case was not liked by everyone there were even other African-Americans who believed they would get more harassment from the racist groups

“In many ways the drive to appoint sols and put black and white children together was the most radical part of the civil rights movement. (”. “All the Topeka elementary schools are to neighborhood attendance centers in January 1956, although existing students were allowed to continue attending their prior assigned schools at their option the struggle for integrated schools has gone through many faces since the 1954 decision. (”. It sparked hope and outrage depending on people’s reactions. After the Supreme Court decision in 1954 was not moving smoothly they decided to add a 1955 court decision that called for desegration with deliberate speed. Browns impact has been enormous on the civil rights movement from the years to come this case sparked a generous amount of change that would give equal rights to children. Although the holding of the decision was focused on terminating segregation in schools. It also over time supported racial discrimination in almost every other area of public life. (2008 pg.17). Sparked by brown the civil rights movement manifested quickly spreading all over and
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