Bruce Dawe 's Poems ' Migrants ' And ' The And A Related Text ' Still Life '

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Journey is an act of travelling from one place to another which can be seeking permanent home in a different country or travelling in the same country. It can affect different people in many different ways as they get emotional, intellectual and imaginative experiences individually in their life. All of these have been explored in some of Bruce Dawe’s meaningful poems ‘migrants’ and ‘drifters’ and a related text ‘Still Life’ which is a short film by Martin Sharpe. The poem ‘migrants’ was about group of European migrants seeking permanent home in a completely different country to escape from war and have better standard of life but the poem ‘drifters’ was about a family journeying in the same country. In comparison, the short film, ‘Still Life’ is about a man who has boring and meaningless life. The composers employ poetic and film techniques to convey the possible positive and negative ramifications of journeys.
Journeys can have positive and negative consequences on people as it has been implicated in Dawe’s poems and Sharpe’s short film. Journeying to a new place shows a contrast of two cultures and lack of understanding of each other. In the poem ‘migrants’, a rhetorical question “did they say All things with similar lack of emphasis?” has been used to illustrate the confusion. The rhetorical question shows confusion on behalf of the migrants and a lack of understanding of the Australian people and language. The two cultures are contrasted through language as warm and

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