Bruce Jenner 's The World 's Greatest Athlete

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Jerilyn Fleming
Course: SOC101_01_IL: Introduction to Sociology
USADL - Summer 2015-2016
Instructor: Karina Arzumanova
DATE: August 14, 2016

Bruce Jenner a man who was born a man but now a transgender person. Bruce said he struggled with his gender dysphoria personality his whole life. He also struggled hiding it from the community. He did so through three marriages and six children. Bruce said “I am a woman, and my brain is much more female than male,” He also said “My whole life has set me for this moment so I want to take advantage of it and do the right thing.” Bruce said his not gay and never been attracted to men. Bruce has always been married and rising children. Bruce has been taking hormones assist to help balancing with his emotions for the past years. Bruce Jenner was known for “the world’s greatest athlete”. Bruce became a real-life super hero at the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games and the original U.S. Olympic image where he finished 10th in the decathlon game. When he was 26 and had won the Amateur Athletic Union decathlon name twice (1974 and 1976) and was the 1975 Pan American Games champion. He was also the reigning world-record owner (8,524 points), an achievement he achieved at the USA-USSR joint track meet up, apprehended in Eugene, Oregon, in August 1975. Bruce Jenner transgender has change his whole life style. Some people think Bruce Jenner is just cross- dressing but Jenner said “Its not that
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