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Way of the Dragon: Bruce Lee Way of The Dragon: Bruce Lee Ashish Rajthala Truman State University JINS 355: Creativity in Arts and Science Prof. Wendy Sue Miner 24th October 2017 Preview Bruce Lee was an American and Hong Kong-based actor, film director, philosopher, poet and martial artist. More importantly, he was the inventor of Jeet Kune Do a improvised martial arts technique and a ambitious person. Bruce Lee started learning Wing Chun with his master Yip Man at age of only 13. And by the age of 18 he had already played in 20 movies. Later in the United states of America, Lee introduced Martial arts in 1960s when the terms like "karate" and "taekwondo" was not even a familiar terms. Lee was…show more content…
Bruce Lee at the the age of 18, Bruce was a superstar and had already acted in around 20 movies. Bruce’s family might be the reason for his early success, but his fame wouldn't possible without Lee’s dedication and enthusiasm. He always justified the role he played and portrayed his own acting style in those movies. Comment by Ashish Rajthala: repeatation of according Comment by Ashish Rajthala: visited (maybe) Comment by Ashish Rajthala: add comma Comment by Ashish Rajthala: At the age of 18 Growing up as a child superstar in Hong Kong was not easy for in 1950s. Bruce used to be bullied and hated by other kids all the time. Lee got short tempered with all the bullying and as he grew older started getting into fights. Since, he was fighting a lot, Lee’s parents decided to enroll him to martial arts School. At age of 16, Lee began his Wing Chun training with master Yip Man, however he had already learned the basic fundamentals of "Wu-style t'ai chi" with his father. Yim Man was a great teacher and renowned fighter of his time. He discouraged Wing Chun in street fights and believed Wing Chun to be only a household art. Furthermore, Yip Man man was a perfectionist and strict teacher who couldn’t stand slow students . After training for a year with Yip Man, Lee’s fellow students knew about his mixed ancestry and stopped training or sparring with him. He had to train while facing racism. At the time,Chinese people were generally

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