Bruce Springsteen Is Known For His Genuine And Relatable

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Bruce Springsteen is known for his genuine and relatable poems. He composes poems based on their ability to speak to the average American, and their ability to provide an identifiable composition of lyrics to millions of people across the nation. The repeating refrain within “Born In The U.S.A.” brings attention to alternate viewpoints of current and controversial events, while his spontaneous rhyming results in a musical flow. These patterns are also present within “Leaving The Cold.”“Born In The U.S.A.,” published in 1984, was aimed at drawing more attention to the average veteran. Springsteen constructs a story about a Vietnam veteran who returns home with nothing but the scarring experiences of the war. He brings attention to the fact…show more content…
When he comes back from the Vietnam War, he comes back to essentially nothing. He is not given many opportunities that could result in any type of expansion and affluence; he has “Nowhere to run ain’t go nowhere to go” (29). He was born in the U.S.A. and his country has used and abandoned him. The narrative and refrain together create this cynical view of America as a whole. Although a large majority believes the United States of America has its peoples’ best interest at heart, Springsteen suggests that some may view this nation as simply using its people instead. “Leaving The Cold” also displays the unifying pattern of narrative and refrain. This poem was composed around 1991; the year in which the Cold War finally came to an end. The refrain describes a man who is dressed in a red suit who comes to the American people and leads them out of a dark and cold era and into a period of welfare. Springsteen discusses throughout the narrative of the poem how Presidents of the United States come into term and leave when they have finished serving the people. Political elections are often a source of dissension. Numerous opinions and rumors can alter the process, the outcome, and the permanent perception of a presidency. Springsteen suggests that “It’s insane to think how we become blind / And remember the chills but forget / The red and suited lad / Who comes to lead us out of the cold” (14-16). People commonly focus on the negative repercussions and
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