Bruce Springsteen Setting

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Designing a cover for the Bruce Springsteen book “Born To Run” began by researching the book. Firstly, I listened to the audio book and notated common themes and critical milestones in the life of the author. From there, I located images, fonts and historical information on the author from the internet. Sketches were mocked up based on the data that I collected, and I included various themes as I progressed from one sketch to the next. The thought process for each of the eight sketches is as follows: • The first sketch- covers Bruce Springsteen’s rock and roll lifestyle. An image of one of his favorite guitars is pictured and is instantly recognizable to his core fans. • The second sketch - features an illustration based on a photograph I found on the internet of Bruce Springsteen; the photograph is from…show more content…
This idea fell a little flat for me, the wheels and sunglass lenses just didn’t add up very well. • The eighth sketch – I liked the earlier ideas of using mirrors and sunglasses to provide depth of the character, this time one lens features Bruce Springsteen’s family and the other a motorcycle. I have Bruce positioned on the boardwalk in New Jersey, with the New Jersey skyline in the background. This is the idea that I selected to move forward with. The eighth sketch was further developed into a larger drawing with more detail, and the font style of (Franklin) Gothic was employed. This font is found on the actual “Born To Run” book, its clean and easy to read and works well with the subject and design. I scanned the hand-drawn artwork into a jpg file and placed it in an Indesign file. The book title and author’s name were added, as was a barcode. Once complete, a PDF proof was created from the Indesign file. Lastly, all of the files employed during this creative process were gathered together and placed into a zip
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